Should you pick a discreet wall lamp or a theatrical chandelier, lighting will directly influence the mood of a room and highlight all the other objects it hosts. Vintage lamps are important in a room, as they can change the whole aspect of the place by a single light that can be dimmed or strengthened.

A suspension (or ceiling lamp) for instance, will attract attention. Therefore it is necessary that it be well placed and adapted to the style of the room.

For a vintage living room, you won’t make a mistake if you pick a mid century modern lighting (1933-1965) which fits almost any interior.

An industrial lamp with a wooden stand will be perfect for a rural deco vintage, while a lamp with a Danish/Scandinavian pottery structure will look great in a modern home by bringing a little bit of warmth. 

Finally, you can not miss the iconic articulated industrial lamp that will fit an industrial style decor.

Last but not least, floor lamps are great as they can both act as a lighting device and a sculptural structure. Also, they’re pretty easy to move around the house as you fancy it, to drastically increase the character of a room.